Important NPD News …

Fried Pepsi

Well I am hoping that this blog will become somewhere that people come to for some insight on the key issues facing marketers today … just kidding. To that end I would like to kick off the doubtless sporadic Linkfest with an important NPD Story: Fried Pepsi. I kid you not folks, if your blood has been positively flying around your arteries of late, you might want to mosey over to the Colorado State Fair and slow it down a little. I was hoping for a “Caramilk Secret” style “how did they encase Pepsi in batter” scenario, but alas they just mix the Pepsi syrup in. Denied! Not sure if this has anything to to with Colorado locals CP+B(!) This important story also puts me in mind of another gone-but-not-forgotten fried food innovation: the “Ketchip”. Genius!
don’t smoke fags and drink

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