An Ad Agency advertises? Great Scott!

See what I just did there? So you probably already saw that Strawberry Frog put an ad in Fortune (you can read about it on Scott’s blog).
Strawberry Frog
Anyways: through the medium of bulletpoints (because I am kind of tired)…
1. Novel to see an Ad Agency putting its money where its mouth is … and creating advertising. (Yes, SF do indeed call themselves an “Agency” … and refer to the “Advertising” scene on their website)
2. Interesting that Scott refers to the new ad “for” Fortune rather than “in” Fortune. Said magazine is a Strawberry Frog client, so one assumes this ad was bartered, free, part of the remuneration package or maybe part of a Frog strategy involving Frog ads “for” Fortune. Desired consumer behavior and success metric unclear(!) So maybe point 1 is somewhat negated…
3. I agree with the sentiment of the ad, sorry “advert” (although I don’t think it is the first time I have heard the sentiment expressed).
4. It is good to read the words that “every brand has the opportunity to do more than just advertise”. (But see again point 1…)
5. I’d love to see what StrawberryFrog themselves are doing to “impact culture in a positive way”.
6. I liked this ad a lot better than the last ad I saw from them after the unsuccessful Hyundai pitch …

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