What You See vs What You Get

I spotted a funny thing online today (as one does) where someone with some time on their hands had photographed various fast food items and compared them to the graphics on the menu (or picture in the ad). Take a look here at the “Reality of Fast Food”.

burger king whopper

We always used to talk about the “product not living up to the promise made in the communication” and I guess its a truism that the advertised item is often an idealised version of reality. (And we probably don’t need the power of the social mediaverse to help us discover this!) Actually I think it was brought to our attention by a certain D. Fens…

That said, in the very same blog I noticed an interesting counterpoint … here’s a classic ad series:


And now we learn that apparently Guinness (in accord with my longheld belief) actually is good for you. Researchers in Wisconsin have discovered that a pint of Ireland’s best stout is as good as an aspirin a day in preventing heart disease! (And twice as effective as Heineken apparently!)

What next? Cigarettes are good for your health?

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