JWT’s “Digitivity Deep Dive” and the “Cult Of The Amateur”

I attended the JWT “3D: Digitivity Deep Dive” yesterday at the Frank Gehry designed IAC building on the West Side. Very interesting speakers, including the inimitable Barry Diller, collegehumor.com‘s Ricky van Veen, del.icio.us founder Joshua Schachter, MobStar Media’s Jamie Goldblatt, and Joost‘s Dave Clark.

IAC Building

JWT released a survey to coincide with the day.

I was particularly taken by Andrew Keen, who was brought in as a counterpoint to the Web 2.0 Love Fest. Keen is a polemicist who denounces Web 2.0 as a “grand utopian movement” similar to “communist society” as described by Karl Marx. He stated it “worships the creative amateur: the self-taught filmmaker, the dorm-room musician, the unpublished writer”. He also professes to be no fan of the blogging phenomenon

cunt of the amateur

I met him afterward chatting with Ty Montague and promised to blog the speech! (He grimaced at me and walked off). True to my word you can check out (hey, even buy) his book here.


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