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Dove is making a Movie?

Despite the furore surrounding Dove’s recent Onslaught piece, overall I have been an admirer of the Dove campaign and the Self Esteem Fund. (And not just the Cannes winning Evolution Film). What could so easily have been nothing more than a :30 interruption was laddered up to becoming a movement and – whatever we think of it – part of pop culture.


Now Dove is also apparently taking the concept to the big screen, and is heavy investor in Diane English’s directorial debut The Women starring Meg Ryan, Jada Pinkett Smith, Eva Mendes and Debra Messing.

Dove are also shooting a full length documentary chronicling the making of the film, with Diane English directing (and apparently blogging). At this stage the distribution channel for the documentary isn’t clear.

Post Scriptum: We also learned that Gatorade are getting in on the act and are part-funded the movie Gracie … “With low-budget movies you have to have different ways to create marketing efficiencies and leverage your ability to fund them,” said producer Andrew Shue. He said the seed money from Gatorade enabled him to raise an additional $7 million from a hedge fund. “This is absolutely something in the future for these kinds of movies that are smaller budget and under the studio threshold.”

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