Links for 2007-11-15 : Credo, Nikon v DRM, Second Slice

  • Credo Mobile launched their liberal brand awareness campaign “Say Much More” last week in Seattle and San Francisco. Activity focused in print, outdoor and online (inevitably, on the Huffington Post). They join a number of brands seeking to leverage US consumers’ new found interest in ethical commerce and the environment. (The first example of this I can remember was the good old Co-op in the UK…)

    (tags: socialmedia socialresponsibility ethical marketing)

  • credo mobile

  • To promote its “support of music and music culture,” Nikon has become an inaugural sponsor for RCRD LBL — an online music label that proffers sponsor-supported MP3s at no cost to the consumer. I have been impressed with Nikon marketing of late (especially their work with Flickr) but they made a mis-step with the D80 blogger giveaway – and I am not exactly sure why Nikon have attached themselves to the DRM issue over others. Maybe its because back in 2005 they were involved in a DRM dispute of their own…

    (tags: drm music socialmedia marketing strategy)

  • nikon flickr

  • Now the metaverse has its own marketing mag …

    (tags: marketing secondlife metaverse)

  • second slice

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