Links for 2007-11-24 : Middle Eastern Gaming, The Kids, Web 2.0

  • Inspired by the rise of Islam between the 7th and 13th centuries, Arabian Lords is a bilingual strategy game targeted specifically at Middle Eastern players. I think its an excellent tactic for addressing a previously underserved audience. It puts me in mind of Mecca Cola, which was created as a direct competitor to Coca Cola – which is sometimes seen as a symbol of American cultural tyranny in many Middle Eastern countries.

    (tags: gaming islam niche)

  • Lords of Arabia

  • Excellent piece from thesis-writing brainiac (who knew?) Faris Yakob. It starts with a great quote (which I intend to steal) from William Gibson: “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” He makes the assertion that “a generation has risen since the emergence of the Internet that is fundamentally different in the way in which it consumes, manipulates and propagates ideas and that the way that brands express themselves must change in response to this new kind of ‘idea consumer’ … [today’s] kids are different, in a very specific sense, which is why communication thinking has to evolve.”
    To be honest I have only got as far as page 7…

    (tags: accountplanning brands planning connectionplanning commsplanning marketing strategy)

  • age pyramid

  • Matt Dickman lays out the keys to Web 2.0 success, stressing that its important to apply lessons learned in Web 1.0

    (tags: web2.0 interactive digital)

  • web 1.0 logos

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