London gets a Second Life

Someone with a bit of time on their hands (Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith, from UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spacial Analysis, no less) has uploaded data from the urban landscape of London into Second Life. You can see it taking on 3D form in a Matrix-worthy way here:

Says the Doctor: “[W]e have managed to import our Virtual London model of 3 million plus buildings into a scrolling map. The map is built from prims that ‘rez’ [out] of a central point to build accurate models based on Ordnance Survey MasterMap with height data supplied by InfoTerra.


Its actually great to see Second Life being used in a relevant way …

UPDATE: As an interesting follow-up, the Ordnance Survey requested that Dr Hudson-Smith’s crew remove this project from Second Life. The rotters!

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Vintage T-Shirts from

An interesting program from Tide, who have created vintage-looking tees featuring their logo and are selling them for charity. I don’t know much about the program but I am intrigued.

tide t-shirts

“Created in soft cotton (actually, its polycotton, but whatever), this vintage tee shows both your sense of style and your support for families affected by disasters. All proceeds from the sale of the tees will go towards rebuilding efforts for families affected by the wildfires in Southern California and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.”

I can almost forgive the “Give Loads of Hope” copyline …

UPDATE: After a bit of light googling I learn that the program is not without warts

“Call me cynical, but the maximum output of buying Tide vintage T-shirts will be 10 houses in New Orleans. To me, this reflects something deeply wrong with a lot of corporate social responsibility efforts. Rather than making a donation of a share of profits to a cause a routine part of business or, better still, part of the business plan, companies mark a donation to charity as an extraordinary event.”

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Apple Christmas Ad

I am a loyal Mac user, but I confess I have always had mixed feelings about the Apple “character” TV ads … you know, the ones where the “PC” is represented by a chubby guy in a suit and the Mac by a skinny guy dressed in Gap-nerd chic.

This festive season though, the chaps at TBWA\ Media Arts Lab have come up with a seasonal spot for the campaign which is at least engaging and funny:

Recently I have been much more impressed by what Apple has been doing outside TV ads … and as for the recent i-Phone “testimonial” offering … please!

Thanks to Drew for bringing it to my attention.

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