Comms Planner in “Enjoyable Fathead TV Ad” shocker

So I am not always a fan of TV ads. It goes without saying that they are irritating and intrusive, increasingly less relevant etc etc. They are also – frankly – a pain in the bum to plan as all you get to do is mumble about “GRPs”, “dayparts”,”surgical buying” and the like. What’s more I had never heard of Fathead before coming to this great country, and I can say with some certainty I wil never actually buy a Fathead. Any exposure of this commercial generated to me is money wasted.

[To the uninitiated, Fatheads are life-size, peel-and-stick graphics of sports and entertainment stars. With the magic of static cling, you affix them to your wall, door, window or flat surface of choice. I have seen their ads in the past, and – without putting too fine a point on it – they have all been utter sh-te.]

All this said – the new ads (evidently by Wieden + Kennedy) are pretty amusing.

I found my sardonically curled lip contort itself into a smile during the ad, and admit I may even let out an unwonted snort of amusement. The premise of this one is affixing said Fatheads to office walls – to intimidate colleagues one assumes – and features a 1,400-pound fire-breathing Kodiak bear dressed up in a (it says here) “triple-XXL-size Brian Urlacher jersey”.

What makes it for me, though, is the (Scottish?) spokesman who begins rhyming about all the “Hall of Famers, ex-gamers, QB sackers, revitalized Packers”… you can almost imagine the excitable copywriter presenting the ad, especially the line “I am starting to rhyme and I like it”.

All in all though – good work by the chaps at Weiden.


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