Vintage T-Shirts from

An interesting program from Tide, who have created vintage-looking tees featuring their logo and are selling them for charity. I don’t know much about the program but I am intrigued.

tide t-shirts

“Created in soft cotton (actually, its polycotton, but whatever), this vintage tee shows both your sense of style and your support for families affected by disasters. All proceeds from the sale of the tees will go towards rebuilding efforts for families affected by the wildfires in Southern California and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.”

I can almost forgive the “Give Loads of Hope” copyline …

UPDATE: After a bit of light googling I learn that the program is not without warts

“Call me cynical, but the maximum output of buying Tide vintage T-shirts will be 10 houses in New Orleans. To me, this reflects something deeply wrong with a lot of corporate social responsibility efforts. Rather than making a donation of a share of profits to a cause a routine part of business or, better still, part of the business plan, companies mark a donation to charity as an extraordinary event.”

One thought on “Vintage T-Shirts from

  1. The government fails the people so its up to corporate sponsors to help the victims and themselves sort of a win win under Republican rule.
    Lets face the facts, government is broken an it fail the people in New Orleans leaving the Private sector to come in a make money off of their tragedy. Buy a t-shirt, use your visa card,amex card, make a pledge, when you stop taking pride in your work i.e. Army Core of Eng building the levies only for a cat 3 shame on you.Then you have an administration slow to react to its citizens. George W. “Let Them Eat Cake”

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