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BumRush the AoC!

Today’s the day!

The Age of Conversation BumRush is set for today, March 29th 2008.

Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan have finally overcome the litany of issues plaguing the retail distribution of The Age of Conversation –and have initiated an Age of Conversation Bum Rush. That’s right, they want to bring this ground-breaking work to a wider audience and have now made it available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other quality retail book selling sites. Chris Wilson has set out a plan of action designed to push the Age of Conversation up the best seller charts.

age of conversation

What can you do? Buy it! Today! Here!

PS AoC ’08 is also being planned and will include chapters from a range of Social Media auteurs … including yours truly!

Modernista’s Great Idea(s)

I think many of us have been impressed with Modernista’s Web 2.0 “Siteless Site”, which launched last week. (Their Wikipedia page seems so far to have survived being deleted!) You can read a bit more here. The site inspired me to undertake some light Modernista googling, and I came across this great presentation by Gareth Kay (the shop’s head of planning). It is entitled “What makes a great idea nowadays”…

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