Automotive marketing “sub optimal” … and here’s the figures to prove it …

I experienced a mix of emotions when I read the headline “Automakers Underspend on Media that Influence Buyers”. I think it was maybe a feeling of frustration that this seems to have been reported several times before, and yet nothing seems to change … relief that it is once in again in the spotlight … and then possibly the wry reflection that probably still nothing will change!


It appears that “top automotive advertisers” spent by far the greatest percentage of their media dollars on TV in 2006 (surprise) which is an incredibly unbalanced media spend compared with influence on purchase (approximately 40% of spend vs. 17-18% of influence). The analysis comes amid reports of automakers’ reallocation of more dollars to digital advertising, but those moves “may not be going far enough…”

I have a few issues with the research … for example, what of the myriad other “connections” (if I can use the word without being sued) and influences outside advertising, that affect people’s decisions?

I was initially dubious of the AOC’s title this year “Why Don’t People Get It” … reading the above research I am starting to come round to the idea!


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