Mike’s Hard Lemonade – The New Campaign

So I just finished working on the 2008 Mike’s Hard Lemonade campaign with Amalgamated ( in the capacity of Comm’s Planning consultant). I am pretty pleased with how everything turned out (and I even like the ads!) The campaign sets out to reinforce Mike’s appeal to everyday Americans, and take a stand against the cosmopolitan, artisanal elite …

The effort integrates right through to point of purchase (which is nice) and centres around the new Mike’s blog-style website (powered by WordPress software, please note). There’s also a viral video element (actually pretty funny).

Advertising includes a main-brand TV campaign and some Cocktail-specific Radio, Ambient and Out of Home. I am particularly pleased that Social Media looms large in this year’s campaign, masterminded by Raisanen Creative.

Here are a couple of TV ads – this one is an introduction to the fictitious world of Mike’s … (the lisping well-intentioned new guy is letter perfect…)

This one features the debut of Mike’s Hard Light Lemonade (“Something for fat guys”: brilliant!)

The campaign even made New York Magazine’s Approval matrix!

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Redefining Reach

Many of us in the industry are trying to navigate the new digitally disrupted marketing topography – and help our cilents do the same. I came across this great article by Matt at Technomarketer, which delves in to one facet of the puzzle – Social Media.

Received wisdom: Message 1,000,000 to possibly reach 100
Certainly this was the way I was brought up. Massive TV budgets aimed at the center of a mass audience, and huge wastage accepted as unavoidable. Since launching the Connections initiative at Chiat/Day I (and others) have been trying to help clients break free from this paradigm.

The new opportunity: Personally reach 100 who influence 1,000 who influence 10,000 who influence 1,000,000
A strategic use of Social Media now offers the chance to avoid wasting millions of untraceable impressions on TV, radio and print. That said, it involves a major shift in thinking.


I think I would finish by saying that in my view this doesn’t have to be an “either or” situation, so much as an “and”. Including Social Media in the mix does not necessarily mean ditching traditional media completely … and in this transmedia world of ours, we shouldn’t expect Social Media and TV to be doing the same job anyway…

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