Brand Tags

I have been a tad busy this week with travel and work, but wanted to write quickly about Noah Brier’s new project called Brand Tags. The ideas is simple: the site presents users with a logo of a company and asks them to type in the first term that comes to mind. This then generates a tag cloud (where terms with more entries appear larger in size) to show all of the results for each company.

brand tags

I have heard a brand defined (inter alia) as “a corner of space in the minds of brand consumers” or an “inventory of emotions” surrounding a brand name. Its fascinating to see – in the context in some cases of huge marketing budgets directed to affecting consumer perceptions – which adjectives punch through. Take brands like Budweiser (King, Beer, Piss), Nike (Sports, Sweatshop, Swoosh), Twitter (Annoying, Chat, Fun, Pointless) and Wholefoods (Expensive, Organic, Paycheck).

Within a few days, the site has received over 160,000 suggestions, and now Noah has also launched Celebtags.

One thought on “Brand Tags

  1. The brand tags thing is very clever and you hit it right on the head: it’s simple. Sometimes as marketers/ad agency/PR people/etc. we can over-complicate something. How many decks have you read that were so mired in marketing speak you couldn’t make heads or tails of it?

    With Brand Tags you can walk in a room and say, “Right, 85% of those polled think your drink tastes like sewage.”

    Puts it in perspective rather quickly.

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