Mike’s Hard Lemonade – The New Campaign

So I just finished working on the 2008 Mike’s Hard Lemonade campaign with Amalgamated ( in the capacity of Comm’s Planning consultant). I am pretty pleased with how everything turned out (and I even like the ads!) The campaign sets out to reinforce Mike’s appeal to everyday Americans, and take a stand against the cosmopolitan, artisanal elite …

The effort integrates right through to point of purchase (which is nice) and centres around the new Mike’s blog-style website (powered by WordPress software, please note). There’s also a viral video element (actually pretty funny).

Advertising includes a main-brand TV campaign and some Cocktail-specific Radio, Ambient and Out of Home. I am particularly pleased that Social Media looms large in this year’s campaign, masterminded by Raisanen Creative.

Here are a couple of TV ads – this one is an introduction to the fictitious world of Mike’s … (the lisping well-intentioned new guy is letter perfect…)

This one features the debut of Mike’s Hard Light Lemonade (“Something for fat guys”: brilliant!)

The campaign even made New York Magazine’s Approval matrix!

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