Andy McNab, Agency Overhaul, Segway, MySpace Redesign

  • Andy McNab fans are being offered the chance to have the villain in his next book named after them. The SAS author will auction off the character’s naming rights next week in support of a new charity in memory of legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.
  • sas soldier army war

  • MindShare is one of several big media shops to reorganize or reposition its service as one designed to offer broader marketing solutions. (Kudos to Nick Emery and Marco Rimini on that one!) In 2007, Carat and Zenith Media both implemented major restructurings. around client teams and digital.
  • media

  • The Segway, which critics panned as a toy for geeks and the rich after it debuted in 2001, is finally gaining traction as gas prices soar. The $5,000, two-wheeled scooter plugs into a standard electrical outlet and can get 25 miles per charge.
  • MySpace is redesigning its site, partly to make it more ad-friendly. MIt also plans to improve nav, music and internal search, MySpaceTV (expect better embed/sharing options) and profile editing (kinda nifty).

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