Cool In-Game Ads, Social Media Toolkit, Flogos, Twittering Ted, IKEA Pop Ups, JetVegas

  • The vast majority of gamers are apparently “fine” with seeing ads placed within video games, and those ads “pack more wallop” for brands than ads appearing in traditional media. This is according to a comprehensive new study released by top in-game ad vendor, IGA Worldwide. No agenda there, then!
  • in game ads

  • There are countless ways to get into the game with Social Media, but here are a few sample tools and what they can be used for, and from there, maybe some new ideas will spread.
  • A combination of water, air, a “soapy agent” and helium formulate the “environmentally safe” white foam. Each flogo can travel as far as 30 mi. and as high as 20,000 ft. Flogo machines rent for about $3,500 per day.
  • Twittering Teddy, made by by My Home 2.0 Techno-Gurus, is an animatronic teddy bear that speaks people’s Twitter streams through a live Ustream feed. You can friend Teddy on Twitter and here him speak your tweets as well as the tweets of your friends.
  • Prior to the launch of the new Brooklyn location of Ikea is dropping popup apartments at various locations around the city, including Union Square. On hand were lots of Ikea associates talking about the opening and handing out grand opening sale flyers.
  • Thrillist and Jetblue joined forces to create “JetVegas”. It was a sponsor-laden 36-hour boondoggle from New York to Vegas and back, enjoyed by 150 media-types.

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