Improv Everywhere, Internet $, HBO Voyeur, BMW Touches Cloth

  • A bit of good-humored adaptation is part of the point of Improv Everywhere. They’ve staged more than 70 “missions,” including “No-Pants subway ride” that last year attracted 900 people, the “Food Court Musical”, and “Frozen Grand Central”.
  • Improv Everywhere

  • “While spending on Internet marketing has been growing dramatically over the past decade, the top 50 brand marketers are very much underrepresented. So far, the online industry has been “growing by grabbing the low-hanging fruit.” says Randall Rothenberg. The nation’s largest advertiser, Procter & Gamble, which spends nearly $5 billion a year on advertising, devoted less than 2 percent of its measured ad spending online, according to figures from the 2007 Advertising Age list of leading national advertisers. The company spent most of its vast ad budget on television.
  • Voyeur first appeared on the side of a building in NY, lending the impression that passers-by could see what was happening inside. View part of the storyline. Bystanders were also given cards, which they could hold up to their eyes to see hidden details.
  • BMW unveiled the GINA Light Visionary Model, a concept set to transform the boundaries of traditional car design. ‘GINA’, has a seamless outer skin made entirely from a textile fabric pulled taut around a moveable frame of metal and carbon fiber wires

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