Pike’s Pique

I learn that a backlash is brewing against Starbucks Corp. over its Pike Place Roast coffee, which has perked up the company’s sales by attracting new business, but has alienated a small yet vocal group of longtime patrons. (I confess I personally am not a huge fan of the burnt-tasting acidic coffee served by Starbucks).


Starbucks has also been bitten on the bum a bit by its own social media site … “I am shocked and disappointed that you have abandoned your original vision,” a poster identified as WestPalm wrote on mystarbucksidea.com, the company’s feedback site. “You need to wake up before it’s too late.” Thousands of votes of support for his stance and others like it helped persuade the company to restore a bold coffee variety to the afternoon lineup at about 900 of its locations.

Interestingly, new coffee varietals are not part of the 2009 plan …


One thought on “Pike’s Pique

  1. Starbucks is huge in Asia. Beijing has about 30-50 joints alone and getting bigger all the time. I loathe starbucks but sometimes its the only place for coffee/wifi/sit down so * bucks it is. Only today I had an epiphany though.

    They’ve gone so way over on the choices of coffee that by the time some fucker in front of me has ordered a skinnylattefrappecino with two types of syrup 3 inches of froth and some cocoa dust on top that it takes 20 minutes for me to score what I really want which is a doppio espresson. 3 mins max.

    Way too much choice, way too much shitty retail experience, way over priced and way up for a recessionary kicking.

    Does that sound mean? I’m being mean aren’t I!

    Pikey coffee. Do me a flavour.

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