Tea’d Off. McDonalds Experience Is Not So Sweet…

You gotta love McDonalds. Or rather, not … apparently what is advertised on the fast-food outlet’s menu as a “32oz Sweet Tea” actually only contains 21oz of said splenda-filled beverage. Evidently the 32oz advertised “include ice” (see below). If you choose “no ice” in your 32oz beverage, you only receive 21oz of tea!

mcdonalds ripoff

I know McDonalds is running a business like everyone else, but … really …

3 thoughts on “Tea’d Off. McDonalds Experience Is Not So Sweet…

  1. I have trouble with the fact that if I order a large unsweet tea it cost $1.71 in our central Missouri town. I am not the brightest but I am an avid tea drinker. I have made both unsweet and sweet tea. I am sure it cost more for McD’s to add sugar to the tea then to give me an unsweet cup of tea. Are they not already in enough trouble with making America Fat!! I am just asking to have an obviousley cheaper to make product; for the price of a more expensive one.

  2. I guess the amount of ice differs.

    I got a Sweet Tea one time, drank it, and then poured a 16oz bottle of Snapple into the cup (I still had all the ice).

    Filled it right to the top. So apparently, they gave me 16oz of ice.

    I’d be fine paying $1.07 for a 16oz Sweet Tea. But they give you a giant cup like it’s actually 32oz.

    Can the FTC do anything about this?

  3. When I worked at Starbucks people ordered this sort of thing all the time. They wanted tea with no ice in a large cup, and then another large cup full of free ice. People should put the energy they spend figuring out ways to cheat the system into organizing their personal finances, eliminating credit card debt, etc.

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