Vitamin Water Store, Web Trolling, Street Clash, Forget the Film Watch The Titles

  • Last night a new shop opened on Little Portland Street in London that is devoted entirely to Vitamin Water. The brightly colored drinks adorn the walls while a whiteboard offers the chance for visitors to review the samples they’ve received.
  • vitamin water store

  • /b/ is the designated “random” board of, a group of message boards that draws more than 200m page views a month. Almost everyone posts as “anonymous.” Nobody can see anybody, and everybody can claim to speak from the center.
  • A new take on street fashion blogs, Street Clash is an international style competition between fashionable people around the the world. Photographers and bloggers submit photos of stylish locals in an effort to win the “Most Fashionable City” city award.
  • Title sequences have played an important role in setting a stylistic tone for a movie, or they’re just there to totally blow your mind. Sometimes they’re even better than the film.

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