Steve Jobs Admits Big Brother-Like Tendencies…

Well, kind of. Evidently every iPhone has an embedded kill switch that the people-oids in Cupertino can remotely press at will.


I read on PSFK that Steve Jobs confirmed this widespread rumor in a WSJ interview today. He admitted that the iPhone has code inside it that routinely checks back with Apple to see if any downloaded software has been blacklisted. This also enables Apple to remotely disable any malicious programs at their discretion.

WSJ explains:

Apple raised hackles in computer-privacy and security circles when an independent engineer discovered code inside the iPhone that suggested iPhones routinely check an Apple Web site that could, in theory trigger the removal of the undesirable software from the devices.

Mr. Jobs confirmed such a capability exists, but argued that Apple needs it in case it inadvertently allows a malicious program — one that stole users’ personal data, for example — to be distributed to iPhones through the App Store. “Hopefully we never have to pull that lever, but we would be irresponsible not to have a lever like that to pull,” he says.OK,


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