“iPest” … SoHo sour on Apple Store

I don’t often pick up am New York in the morning, but I was intrigued by a very anti-Apple headline: “iPest”. Evidently Apple’s flagship store in SoHo New York has aroused the ire of local residents, and the SoHo Alliance neighborhood group.

soho hates apple

“Is Apple, that quirky computer company of urban hipster cred, turning into that loud, out-of-control club neighbors hate? So say residents and store owners on quiet cobblestone SoHo side streets who are sick of lines stretching around the block, renovation work done at all hours of the night and blasé store managers who scoff at their concerns.”
“For weeks when they were selling the iPhone, it was like breadlines in Russia,” said Sean Sweeney, president of the SoHo Alliance, a neighborhood group and a 30-year resi- dent of the neighborhood. “They should know better. Let’s just say the bloom is off the Apple a little bit.

Having the vision to create the Apple stores is part of Steve Jobs’ genius, and the Apple store experience is an incredibly important part of the brand and the communication/ experience mix. It would be disappointing if poorly-handled community relations were to tarnish this.


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