Apple Investigates Wearable Computers, Microsoft Makes Some Funny Ads

Apple Investigating Wearable Computers?
The rumor mill has churned out an interesting bit of information. A report from Research and Markets states that Apple and Sony are hard at work developing video screen goggles. Details are sparse, but if these devices can recognize and interact with the environment they’re in, it’s a concrete sign we’re headed for a giant leap into augmented reality computing. (the origin of the image below is unconfirmed)


Microsoft Pokes Fun at ‘The Death of Advertising’
Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions has come up with a series of videos that highlight the changing relationship between marketers and consumers. While it’s staged as a humorous love tryst, it does raise some valid and entertaining points on the ‘death of advertising.’ This advertising campaign begs companies to love the consumer and try their best to listen to them. Not only is it bizarre that the campaign is targeting other advertisers (rather than consumers) but it is also in the format of a full fledged movie, with a trailer and multiple lengthy episodes. However, the message of “The Couple” is clear that this long standing relationship needs an overhaul to “Bring Back the Love.”

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