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  • From the makers of one of the original energy drinks comes Red Bull Cola, a new cola with a twist. It’s the first major brand extension for the company and they’re setting it apart from other similar soft drinks and from Red Bull itself by taking pride in being “strong and natural.” We were pleasantly surprised by just how different from its cousin it is.

    Without taurine or any other secret formula, Red Bull Cola is more about taste than it is about partying all night long. Using all-natural ingredients (the caffeine is even extracted from coffee beans) and plant extracts — including kola nut, cacao, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, lemon, lime and coca leaf to name a few — it has a complex spiced flavor with that classic cola taste.

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  • Merlin Mann at 43 Folders has done an interesting analysis of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s ideas of how creativity works. The theory is that creative work gets done best in a seemingly paradoxical cycle of laser focused activity, and lazy idea gathering, idling and re-charging. In essence, creative people combine playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility. “Most all makers with longevity talk about a process that involves regular, scheduled work periods that allow generous time for warmups and getting into what Csikszentmihalyi himself has called, “Flow.” For as long as he or she can stay in that Flow state, a good artist is capable of synthesizing unbelievably disparate material and ideas in a way that’s often satisfying and productive. For those who cannot, it means another morning of video games, Facebook, and binge eating.”
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  • Michael Phelps’ sponsors, such as Speedo and Visa, have gotten their money’s worth in rub-off glory from his record eight gold medals. But an unexpected brand, not a paid sponsor, also has gotten buoyancy from his performance in Beijing: women’s clothing retailer Chico’s.That’s because Phelps’ mother, Debbie — a loyal Chico’s customer, but not an official endorser — has worn its garb throughout the Games. Every time she’s been seen in print, online and TV coverage in her Chico’s attire, the chain has gotten free exposure.

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