Microsoft’s New Ads (About Nothing?), Pizza Crop Circles, Tumblr Across The USA, 1970s

  • Ah, Microsoft. Just as the Mac is releasing a set of ads that focus on the fact that they can transfer files from a PC to a Mac free of charge (”just like that”), Microsoft has decided to carry out one of their biggest advertising campaigns in recent times, and has roped in comedian Jerry Seinfeld to hold their flag high. At a cost of $300 million for the campaign and $10 million just for Seinfeld, we’re going to pay close attention to how successful it is going to be (or not). Tech magazine Crave has actually crowd-sourced the whole topic. Their readers have smartly pointed out that Seinfeld actually used a Mac in the sitcom, and have a whole range of suggestions for alternatives that Microsoft should have considered.
  • To advertise its 100 percent whole-wheat pizzas, Papa John’s flattened about six acres’ worth. (Wheat, geddit? The delectable crop circle was created in a wheat field in Commerce City, so in- and outbound Denver International passengers can get a nice big eyeful of pie in the sky. For those that may find this particularly inspirational, a company called Circlemakers specializes in producing crop circles for brand names. Clients have included Microsoft, Nike, Greenpeace (nothin’ like a single serving of in-flight guilt), Hello Kitty, BP, and The History Channel. Oh yeah, and there’s also Ad-Air, a gigantorama billboard maker that’s infinitely less creative than a crop circle, but it could probably cover up a bad wheat-shaving nick with ease.
  • pizza crop circle

  • David Karp’s Tumblr, the New York-based blogging startup, rolled out a site redesign yesterday. One of the new features is a Google Map showing where Tumblr users are located. We weren’t surprised to see the highest Tumblr densities are in Brooklyn and San Francisco — “sisters in idiosyncracy” dubbed <; Sanfrooklyn by the New York Times. We were shocked, however, to learn that there are actual Tumblr users in the rest of America — like say Kalamazoo, Michigan, for example. The cartographic evidence:
  • There’s an impressive collection of packaging imagery from the 1970s over on Flickr.

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