Fake Followings: Apple Orange Rentacrowd, Friend Feed

Newswires have been buzzing with reports that Apple’s 3G iPhones might not be selling as briskly in Poland as they are in the U.S., noting that the company’s telecom partner in the country, Orange, has hired people to stand outside stores and create phony lines. A juicy story, except for one thing: Orange says it isn’t true. The minor media storm over Orange’s alleged marketing methods began after the 3G iPhones went on sale in Poland last Friday. After a newswire report quoted a spokesperson from the European mobile telecom provider saying that it was paying people to stand outside and create the queues, the story was repeated across the internet and bounced around the blogosphere.

apple orange rentacrowd

Social media aggregator Friend Feed has released what has been called “the most important feature in the history of social networks”. Called “Fake follow”, it allows you to be listed as following someone, but not actually receive any of their updates. Interesting idea. This is useful if you want to signify your connection with someone, but not get inundated with every little thing the other person does online.

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