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weatherpattern gets Home Delivery At MOMA: Computational Architecture: The show on prefabricated architecture is overall well curated. However, the true brilliance of the show is that they have full scale models of six homes.
Online Marketer Blog asks Is Social Media Passing Your Business By? Social media – everything from Facebook to Digg to Twitter to Flickr – has been quickly snagging the attention of small business owners and employees of big companies across the world. The business applications for these tools are being explored and many are finding success.
Nicola Davies likes the Cadbury Gorilla. Remixed: The epic Cadbury Gorilla ad returns to our screens, but remixed. The new version is cut to Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.
People Like To Share shares that Passive status casting can offer ambient awareness for brands A brand can’t simply walk away from its online life. It needs to be continually monitoring what is said about it. Some brands do a really good job at that.
Marketing Integrity takes a lesson from Pastor Mark Tuned In With Technology In the book Tuned In by Stull/Myers/Scott, they profile Mark as a Tuned In Pastor leading a church without a permanent building and utilizing technology to reach the city’s twenty-somethings in ways that the traditional churches in the city are not.
Liquid Architecture explores Time for s’more Spore Zimmer’s exploration of Spore is a real gem, because he treats Spore with the same level of respect as any entry in any medium that has the potential to bridge the gap between livingroom and classroom.
Jax Rant considers Web 3.0: Enter Ubiquity “This is extremely impressive! Check it out.” Download and install the prototype here.
Groves Media delves into Doing business in Birmingham in 150 words or less Historically called the city of a thousand trades, Birmingham has never been easy to pigeon-hole no matter what outdated images endure in some minds.
First Call talks about Celebrities For A Cause “Celebrities are lending their names to more than just perfume and soft drinks these days. As we’ve noted before, more and more celebrities are endorsing cause-related campaigns. This weekend, celebrities will be seen supporting good causes at three different television events.”
Rick Liebling gives an update on A “Interesting New York: Aaron Dignan: Aaron, who works at Undercurrent, is going to get all philosophical on us: “A surge of entertainment options (web, mobile, gaming) have trained a generation to approach nearly every aspect of life as a game. What’s that like?”
Amy Burr Reviews Time’s ‘50 Best’ And How It Can Make Your Site Better: Aside from some handy resources and cool features, what does the average business owner have to learn from Time’s list? Plenty. These sites have been designed not just to be cool, but to have the user’s experience as the site’s primary focus. It’s this attention to the user that has prompted over 150,000 people to visit Time and vote for their favorite site.

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