Micro Updates, Twinity, uLocate, Slacker Uprising

  • In this week’s Times Magazine, Clive Thompson (or @pomeranian99 on Twitter) described in his “I’m So Totally, Digitally Close to You” article how “incessant online contact” encouraged by tools like Facebook’s Newsfeed and microblogging platforms like Twitter, has created “ambient awareness.” Whether we tweet in 140 or less, post on each other’s wall or upload photos, videos or Utterz, we’re creating and curating a public record of who we are, what we like, dislike, what sparks our interests and what we care about.
  • micro updates

  • Twinity is a virtual “mirror” world based on existing cities. Users can move into a city they have always wanted to visit, build an avatar and furnish their own apartments; then explore the city’s shops, bars and galleries. They can also interact with other users. “This is a trusted environment within a virtual world, lifelike, and based on real metropolises,” stated Metaversum CEO Jochen Hummel. “People can live, work, and have fun here. They can also beam themselves straight into the world’s most attractive cities with a single click.” The first site to go live on Twinity is Berlin. (The mayor actually received “virtual keys” to the city.) Singapore, London and other major metropolises are expected to follow.
  • twinity

  • “To make sure you know when I’m at Au Bon Pain and I know when you’re in the loo, Garmin (a GPS wielder) partners with uLocate (you guessed it – a locations application developer) to bring us Buddy Beacon. Not only can users find likeminds nearby when their lonely, they can update their Facebook profile with their 20. So friends can make their way back together. The best part? They decide when, where and who can view. Though in its infancy this is an example of broadening location-based social networking. We’re awaiting the list of social networking sites and enabled devices.”
  • One year after his health-care documentary “Sicko” got leaked online weeks before its theatrical premiere, director Michael Moore is taking the distribution of his latest film in his own hands. The controversial filmmaker will release his new documentary, “Slacker Uprising,” exclusively online as a free download for three weeks starting Sept. 23

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