Who “Gets” The Social Web?

You may well ask! From some of the news today it seems that Business Week and WSJ do get it … both have made considerable strides in adding social media features to their sites. That said, its apparently the CEO’s who don’t …

  • Business Exchange launched September 5th, as a Web site that allows users to create business topics, collaboratively aggregate content from the entire Web and connect with other business focused users around these topics.
  • Photobucket

  • The Wall Street Journal’s Web site is getting a makeover, borrowing a page from social networking. The newspaper site is expected to launch “Journal Community” on Tuesday to allow paying subscribers to comment on individual stories, create discussion groups on specific topics, and ask one another for advice, according to a report Sunday by the Associated Press. Like social networks Facebook or MySpace, the community will allow subscribers to create personal profiles. But instead of missives on favorite movies and music, these profiles will feature subscribers’ real names, job details, and interests, according to the report.
  • WSJ

  • The internet is in its second phase and about to enter its third. The ramifications of its relentless progress will touch all businesses – and yet 61pc of CEOs admit they “do not know enough” about emerging technologies.


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