Branded Entertainment: McDonalds, Showtime

  • McDonald’s has recently released the latest installment for the McDonald’s Dollar Menunaire campaign with the Reality House Show. This time, the fast food giant jumps into cyber space with an animated web series about a slacker named Paul. Paul is a young man who decides to move out of his folk’s home, to participate in a reality show. Often times Paul treats himself to a McDonald’s cheeseburger and a couple of apple pies. The parody is a fact-paced, edgy comedy. The webisodes are aimed at the 18-34 age demographic. An accountant from McDonald’s claimed that this is the age wherein individuals are looking to save money. That’s where the “McDonald’s Dollar Menunaire” comes in –you can turn your dollar into something tasty.
  • mcdonalds obesity

  • In an unusual cross-promotion that has created a house of branded entertainment, Showtime and Metropolitan Home magazine teamed up for a designer showcase makeover in a New York brownstone. Each room of the project takes its inspiration from one of six Showtime shows. The show home will be open to the public and the project was filmed to become its own TV program.

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