I Hate Eyeblasters

I was minding my own business this morning, listlessly browsing the Adage website, when my reading was interrupted by a large black box. I harumphed a bit and clicked “close” only for the effing thing to pop up again (and again and again).


If the aim of this communication is to change my emotions about Eyeblaster, then it has succeeded: I previously had no opinion and now I do (see title above). If the aim was to get me to do something, then it failed completely. I think Eyeblaster should heed its own advice and not “slap ads everywhere”. Come on guys, seriously…

6 thoughts on “I Hate Eyeblasters

  1. Francis, who likes ads?
    Probably very few of us…

    I guess your experience with this ad was the result of a bug of some sort…

    The thing to realize when consuming content (online or offline) is that there is a price to it.
    Price can be one time fee, a subscription, a barter, and also…. advertising (in its many forms). So, come on Francis, seriously…

  2. must be a bug. I think that Eyeblaster is the one of the only online ad platforms that comply with the IAB strict rich-media standards…

  3. Apologies… it is a bug! As you guys said very few like ads, and feel they are a necessary evil in this modern world. I like Banksy’s take on it ‘one man’s advertising is another man’s graffiti’ (http://tinyurl.com/4tknu7) but plenty of people feel the need to wear Levi’s jeans or Channel sunglasses or drink Coke (no 1 in brand value, it says above), so guess we are all susceptible. Hey, sometimes things break. It’s life. Could have dropped us an email… 😉
    Anyway, thanks for pointing out – will get it fixed. Cheers – Dean, Eyeblaster

  4. Thanks Dean. I really appreciate the response; I confess the above post was something of a “crie de coeur”. I reiterate that I do not reject the notion of advertising as such [I should hope not, as I work in advertising!] but was commenting on a specific bad ad experience. Good luck with the bug-fix!

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