Park(ing) Day, Updated McDonalds, Lying To Computers

  • New parks popped up all over the country Friday, thanks to Park(ing) Day, an annual event that turns paved parking spaces into temporary green gardens. The event was started in 2005 by ReBar, an art collective based in San Francisco, and is meant to challenge urbanites to think about what our public spaces would be like if they were designed for the pedestrian, rather than the car.
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  • McDonalds has updated several of their UK locations with a surprisingly fresh, modern look. London based design firm SHH is responsible for the new interiors, which have banished the traditional plastic furniture in favor of a look that is straight out of a design magazine.
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  • A recent New York Times article by Saul Hansell explains how companies in the troubled financial industry tried to fool their computers (and themselves) by entering only partial information into risk management programs. With the programs running off incomplete data, things looked grand. But as we all know, this short sighted game did not last long. A poignant quote by Hansell sums it up: “Lying to your risk-management computer is like lying to your doctor. You just aren’t going to get the help you really need.”
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