JetBlue Terminal, Google G1, Library Finds

In a celebration that was as much about architecture as it was about marketing, JetBlue cut the ribbon Monday at its new $740 million, 72-acre terminal at New York’s JFK Airport. Branded “JetBlue T5,” it’s the first new terminal built in the U.S. since 9/11. In erecting its futuristic, 26-gate hub alongside TWA’s landmark Saarinen terminal, JetBlue is hoping to inject some glamour back into flying.
With a touch screen, a 3G high-speed network and an application store full of third-party-developed tools, the new “Google phone” has elicited numerous comparisons to Apple’s iPhone. But for Google’s Android mobile-operating system to be successful, it needs its phones to be much more than the first viable iPhone competitor.

Library Finds
A great blog. “I’m a techie, not a librarian, who is quite fortunate to be surrounded by books everyday. I thought I’d poke around the different libraries at the university I work at and share some of the more interesting books I come across. Maybe you’ll see something that interests you. If you do, don’t thank me, thank the Library. I’m just the messenger.”
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