Samsung Barcodes, Plastic Bottles, Fuck Flickr, Marketing

Samsung Camera Phones: Pre-Loaded with Barcode-Reading Software
Samsung has inked a deal with mobile marketing firm Scanbuy. The latter sells a product called ScanLife, a 2D barcode application for mobile units. As of next month, this technology will come stock in Samsung camera phones across Spain, Italy and Denmark. Mexico and the United States will follow soon after. ScanLife mobile barcodes enable camera phone users to “scan” (or rather, photograph) 2D barcodes, such as EZcodes, with their phones, which then decrypt and reveal the information stored within the barcodes. They can be used in grocery stores to give discounts, on print ads to provide more information on a given campaign, or to send users to a mobile subsite.
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This year, Americans will drink more than 30 billion single-serving bottles of water. To raise awareness of the alarming problem of plastic waste, Jasmine Zimmerman created the Bottle House – an open-roofed greenhouse made from hundreds of recycled plastic bottles. It’s an excellent example of repurposing a harmful and overlooked material into one that will grow vegetation, and Jasmine plans to exhibit the greenhouse in empty lots, rooftops, parks, and vacant buildings to help spread the word. We caught up with the structure in Seattle at Bumbershoot 2008, where it was joined by a number of socially and environmentally charged installations and performances.

Fuck Flickr, Yahoo is a nar
Shi Tao is serving a 10-year sentence in prison for writing articles calling for political reform in China. Yahoo helped put him there.
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Guy Kawasaki has come up with a matrix-based marketing plan …

One thought on “Samsung Barcodes, Plastic Bottles, Fuck Flickr, Marketing

  1. The Worlds Shortest Marketing Plan was created by me, Kelly Odell. Guy Kawasaki asked if he could blog about it. He was very clear in giving me credit for it.


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