, Sampling, Digital Marketing Cliches, Mac or Twat, Perkonomics

Product sampling reaches 70 million consumers every quarter, and one-third of customers who try a sample will buy the sampled product in the same shopping trip, according to the “Product Sampling Study” by Arbitron and Edison Media Research. Sampling also secures considerable results in both brand awareness and loyalty, according to Arbitron. More than half – 58 percent – of those surveyed report that they would buy the product again.
Mark Cregar “applauds the spirit of experimentation, and no doubt all of the above “offenders” have learned something from their efforts. And there’s really no such thing as a bad marketing tactic — just bad timing, bad execution or simply a bad brand fit. All good things that marketers might want to think about before plunging into the next digital marketing trend.”
Amelia Torode’s take on the “I’m a Mac” campaign. It seems in the UK the two actors personifying the systems are better known (though not necessarily better loved)…
Consumer infatuation with perks and privileges isn’t new. For years, airlines, hotels, credit card companies and private banks have been cleverly rewarding their most valuable customers with surprises, status symbols and convenience. But as we move towards a consumer society that’s based more on experiences, on status stories, on the ephemeral—and in which, for many, time is now the only true scarcity—expect perks and privileges to become an integral part of every B2C industry and sector.

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