Anti-Social Network, Obama iPhone App, Google 2001, Microsoft Image Stitcher, Virtual Citizens

The film adaptation of Toby Young’s “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” is being promoted with an “anti-social networking” application available to download on Facebook. When added to a user’s profile, the tongue-in-cheek application becomes the antithesis of the real site by allowing people to send their friends bad gifts, doodle unflatteringly on their profile pictures and tell them what they really think of them.
Obama ’08 is your official, comprehensive connection to the heart of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s campaign, giving you the tools you need to make an impact and stay in the know. Making a difference takes only moments using the Call a Friend feature. Want to do more? Find your local Obama for America HQ or look up local campaign events. Download Obama ’08 from the App StoreYou’ll have instant access to Barack’s positions on important issues, as well as local and national campaign news as it happens. Photos and videos from the campaign trail are all here, too.
To celebrate its 10th birthday, Google has scoured its archives for the most complete archived index, from way back in January 2001. The company has also paired with the Internet Archive to show what sites looked like almost 8 years ago. We’ve sure come a long way.
The innovative folks at Microsoft Research launched a new piece of freeware called Microsoft Image Composite Editor. It automatically creates a panoramic image out of a collection of photos you select. For those who don’t regularly use this feature in Photoshop’s photomerge, it’s a nice free alternative in a neat package.
Most people still look askance if you admit to using virtual worlds where you move around with an avatar or 3D version of yourself. It recalls the technophobic reactions in the early days of the internet. But attitudes may now change for two reasons. First, children are piling into their own virtual worlds, so their parents can get a glimpse of what it is all about. And second, a huger user base is being created, one that is accustomed to virtual worlds and is ready to trade up to more sophisticated ones as they grow older.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Social Network, Obama iPhone App, Google 2001, Microsoft Image Stitcher, Virtual Citizens

  1. On that last link. I think that the immersion in virtual worlds (which is more than Second life, and more than most people chat about) will change the way we do online shopping. it’s preparing us for virtual shopping experiences with friends where we really try on things and really talk.

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