Fighting Poverty … With Marketing?

Trying to participate in Blog Action Day and stay true to the theme of my blog, I got to thinking about how marketing could help fight poverty. The HBR has an interesting article here.

“[Marketers] can bring a … process to think through how the allocation of resources happens.

We need the voice of all stakeholders. Some of the stakeholders don’t seem to have a voice because we don’t seek their voice. Some of them, even if they have a voice, don’t have proper advocacy.

Many times, it’s not clear that the right people are speaking on their behalf. The marketing process requires us to flesh out the voice of the customer and get the process going. Once you get the process going, we can resolve this dilemma of how you get at the societal benefit while at the same time taking care of the individual. That in essence is what we’re trying to get at.”


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