Internet: Web Beats Instore, Internet Memes, Maghound

For the first time, the web has surpassed the store as the preferred way for multi-channel shoppers to purchase holiday gifts, according to the e-tailing group’s third annual “Mindset of the Multi-Channel Shopper Holiday Survey,” sponsored by ATG, Retailer Daily reports. Nearly half (49%) of those shoppers say they intend to do their holiday gift buying online, compared with 44% who plan to do so in-store, found the online survey of over 1,000 adults who shop online four or more times per year, spending at least $500 annually.

From the Dancing Baby to Ninja Cat. A humorous look at how far we’ve come in the last 10 years.
This service from Time Inc. is for people who still enjoy reading magazines, but who don’t want to make a commitment each month (or shell out $12.95 for a full year’s subscription); after all, the editorial staff and/or focus of major magazines has been known to change direction on a dime- so why can’t readers do the same? Visitors to the site can choose from a selection of 200 magazine titles from which to place an introductory order for either three, five, or seven titles a month (additional a la carte titles can be added for $1 each), any of which they can switch out and replace with a different title at any given time. Want to cancel the service altogether? Not a problem: members are not held to an annual contract and can opt out whenever they choose.
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