Mobile: Pomegranatephone, Somebody Else’s Phone

Strange and vaguely annoying “viral” for Nova Scotia. That said, I’d rather this than a vaguely annoying TV ad …

Somebody Else’s Phone – My Phone Knows Everything About Me
Nokia, it appears, has our number, launching a voyeuristic campaign through Wieden + Kennedy London that appeals to us like the nosy weasels we are. The campaign gives you the chance to flick through someone’s phone, including text messages, personal contacts, diary entries, photos, voicemails and private video clips, demonstrating just how central our mobiles have become to our ability to function as well as how hard opportunities like that are to pass up.


2 thoughts on “Mobile: Pomegranatephone, Somebody Else’s Phone

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  2. it’s that really true ? ..
    coz it’s impossible to imagine that in one phone there’s a lot of things to do ..
    and if it is true then how much the price of that phone ?

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