These days it seems everyone loves Twitter. (There was even a segment on CNN titled “What Is This Twitter Thing”. I have been amazed by how many Twitter applications have been created … some useful, some less so. Here are just a few …

twinfluence – Twitter Influence Analyzer
If you’re looking to understand your own social influence (or that of a brand), then try this application – it brings a bit of much needed social network theory to Twitter.

This is a deepy flawed but fun Twittr site that rates tweets and creates a mood score.
A great directory of other Twitter applications can be found here
And rather more scarily …
The US Army has posted a report citing certain mobile and web technologies that could be used to enable terrorism. One chapter, entitled “Potential for Terrorist Use of Twitter,” observes that the Los Angeles earthquakes in July were reported by users of the microblogging site long before established news outlets had time to cover it, writes the BBC.Perceiving Twitter’s ability to publish anything, instantly, as threatening, US intelligence expressed concern that terrorists could use Twitter to plan and organize quicker attacks. This September, for example, activists used Twitter to organize protests at the Republican National Convention.
Nielsen has released numbers for its estimates on the biggest and fastest-growing social media sites in the U.S. for the month of September, and there are a few surprises.The biggest social network in the U.S. is still News Corp.’s MySpace, Nielsen’s numbers found. But the bad news is that its traffic has only grown by 1 percent since September 2007, keeping it just under 60 million visitors, and second-place rival Facebook has grown by 116 percent in the same time period.
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