Marketing: Brand Value, The Broken Model

The majority of senior marketers (55%) “lack a quantitative understanding of their organizations’ brand value and may be missing out on opportunities to leverage their brand to drive business growth”, according to a survey from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Interbrand. The survey polled 118 chief marketing officers and senior marketing execs at ANA member companies and found that 64% say brands do not influence decisions made at their organizations. Though marketers reported a range of reasons why brands don’t factor into the decision-making process, misalignment of incentives and budgets, lack of metrics and overall lack of branding knowledge are top reasons.
Russell Davies is a clever chap. This is not news. Whenever I read his blog i find something interesting and often also he has managed to encapsulate some thoughts I have been having (somewhat better than I could, the b’d!). This is a great post about how the current marketing/ design model (the paradigm at least) is flawed and why silos don’t work. As usual, great inspiration, and music to my jaded ears …
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