Jim Stengel LLC

Veteran Marketer Promotes a New Kind of Selling
Jim Stengel, the outgoing global marketing chief at Procter & Gamble, is moving from a big advertiser to a small start-up, hoping to remedy some of what he thinks is wrong with the industry. Starting Monday, the 25-year P&G veteran is opening Jim Stengel LLC, which will try to persuade companies to buy into a newfangled way of selling. It’s called “purpose-based marketing,” which Mr. Stengel says is about defining what a company does — beyond making money — and how it can make its customers’ lives better.

I am a big fan of Jim Stengel, I have used his quotes in many presentations and wish him all the best with the new venture.

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3 thoughts on “Jim Stengel LLC

  1. bonjour je m appelle stengel jean claude et je suis francais je recherche des personnes portant le meme nom que moi.nous sommes environ 781 a porter ce nom en france merci

  2. Herr Stengel seems to be taking quite a few pages from the OBAMA SONGBOOK, and making a rather manic run at self-branding. Have a look at his website, and you too can discover for yourself how many different pairs of glasses and sport shirts he owns. I’ve seen modeling portfolios with less photos of one’s self. Anyway…

    He’s quite a little pre-pack of poise and robotic earnestness – and just a wee bit frightening…
    which means, of course, that he’ll do smashingly in
    his new ad-venture. Although, traversing from the ass kissed to the kisser, he may find rather jarring.

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