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The most depressing moments of your working life.
Rory Sutherland wrote a classic post about New business pitches … f’ing funny (and depressingly accurate). “The most depressing moments? No, it’s not when you lose a pitch. The longer you are in this business, the more phlegmatic you become about this kind of thing. No, the worst moments in our business always come six months to a year after you lose a pitch.”


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Adam Crowe has made a set of the fantastic eBoy pictures on flickr.
The number of those who read blogs at least once a month has grown 300% in the past four years, and what they read strongly influences their purchase decisions, playing a key role in ushering them to the point of actual purchase, according to a BuzzLogic-sponsored study, reports Retailer Daily.
While marketers have appreciated the value of distinctive design for some time now—at least since Apple and Target started making it a key differentiator about a decade ago—design thinking is something else. The premise is that if you tap a designer, or a designer’s problem-solving approach, to tackle standard business problems, you will get game-changing results.
With DVR penetration knocking on 30%, much of America now views the ability to skip ads on TV as something approaching a birthright. While they haven’t had much choice in the matter, the broadcast networks say they’re OK with this, that DVR users watch more TV and disproportionately more shows from ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS. But the networks haven’t given up on the dream of a world of must-see advertising and are quietly attempting to take back that right — let’s call it a privilege — on the next generation of digital platforms. Already, the networks have effectively eliminated ad-skipping on broadband and have made that a prerequisite in deals with online distributors such as Hulu, Joost and Veoh, as well as’s full-episode player.
Since Amazon launched the Kindle, its electronic reader, a year ago, it has created a swarm of dedicated customer advocates. But on Oct. 24 it snagged the most important evangelist in Oprah Winfrey, who said, “I’m telling you, it’s absolutely my new favorite thing in the world.” Oprah’s Midas touch when it comes to selling books is well-documented, so it seems reasonable that the same would be true for Kindle. While Amazon doesn’t release sales numbers for the product, it has featured her praise on its home page all week. And if all the search volume, web traffic and blog buzz are anything to go by, she’s going to give Jeff Bezos & Co. a bright holiday.
Recalibrating the marketing funnel (cycle, continuum or decriptor of choice) in the new digital world is a bit of a knotty one. Chris Brogan’s new free e-Book attempts to unravel it.
Dunkin’ Donuts is offering a free doughnut to those who can prove they voted on November 4. And Starbucks is offering a free cup of coffee.
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