Packaging: Amazon Now “Frustration Free”…

I was interested to see Amazon‘s big splash about reducing packaging. Naturally I am cynical about their motives (I shouldn’t be perhaps, but … saving mailing costs? PR?). Amazon probably ships a small forest of brown boxes each day, so any reduction in packaging is welcome. (Only 19 items are being re-packaged, its worth noting). Interesting they led with consumer self-interest (“easier to open”) and made environmental concerns a sub-point…

“Thanks to a new, multi-year global initiative announced yesterday, Amazon is working with manufacturers to eliminate the causes of Wrap Rage while also minimizing the impact of packaging on the environment. The effort is focusing first on two kinds of items: those enclosed in hard plastic cases known as “clamshells” and those secured with plastic-coated wire ties, commonly used in toy packaging. As a result, 19 best-selling products are now available through Amazon in the US packaged in smaller, easy-to-open and recyclable cardboard boxes that protect the products within just as well, the company says. New, eco-iconic packaging on the Fisher-Price Imaginext Adventures Pirate Ship, for example, eliminates 36 inches of plastic-coated wire ties, 1,576.5 square inches of printed corrugated package inserts, 36.1 square inches of printed folding carton materials, 175.25 square inches of PVC blisters, 3.5 square inches of ABS molded styrene and two molded plastic fasteners.”


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