Digital Divas

Study Unearths Super-Connected ‘Digital Divas’
A segment comprising 16% of the female online population identified as “Digital Divas” shops more, communicates more and is less likely than other women to ever “unplug” from their digital gadgets, according to a survey from Microsoft Advertising, Ogilvy Chicago, and Mindshare. Among the “Digital Diva” group:
* 22% shop once per day.
* The majority view devices such as cell phones and computers as “extensions of themselves.”
* 86% pass along interesting “finds” with others.
* On average, they have 171 contacts in e-mail, social networking and cell phone address books.
But while these trend-setting Digital Divas make up a small percentage of women now, they are important to watch, the study says, because findings suggest that mainstream women will soon follow in their footsteps.

digital divas

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