Snippets: Mumbai Attack-Tech, Walmart’s $99 iPhone

‘New Technology’ Enabled Terrorists in Mumbai Attacks
Terrorists that struck Mumbai last month demonstrated sophisticated use of modern technology to organize their attacks. The news casts a less jocular sheen on a recently-released US Army report about mobile and web technologies that could be used to enable terrorism. Before launching their attack, the perpetrators studied satellite images of Mumbai from over the internet. Such images can be found on widely-available sites like Google Earth or Google Maps, which lets users access “satellite” or even “street” views of certain areas.


Walmart Is Set to Sell a $99 iPhone
Apple’s iPhone is headed for Walmart. According to Bloomberg, the retail giant is set to sell a 4GB iPhone for $99. The current 8GB entry-level model is $199 plus a two-year AT&T-service subscription. The right venue. Having Walmart move your products is a no-fail proposition for most brands. But if you’re a brand with high aspirational appeal such as Apple, do you want your wares showcased an aisle away from laundry detergent and 10-packs of boxer shorts? Apple didn’t return calls to AdAge for comment (but I guess that could have been because of sucky iPhone reception).

walmart iphone

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