Breaking Up On Twitter

Michael Harper from Razorfish had a profound experience last night . He said was OK for me to share on this blog:

“Last night I had the strangely compelling but deeply awkward experience of watching someone liveblogging the end of his relationship via twitter. You can watch the action from the bottom in the screengrab below… I find the progression, the unfolding to be very striking… as well, of course, as the fact that he did it on twitter. Not sure what I think about it (also not sure they’re going to stay broken up, being a romantic and an optimist) and I won’t muddle the experience with my own commentary, but it felt worth sharing.”


I don’t know the protagonists and supporting cast, but it all strikes me as being a bit public (and a bit neurotic) … like when couples start having theatrical arguments in public, causing everyone around to wince with embarrassment. It makes me wonder if this is an extension of “offline” behavior by this couple, or a new behavior prompted by digitization …

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7 thoughts on “Breaking Up On Twitter

  1. I’m totally with you. While I understand the need to “talk to your friends” about something that upsets you, this kind of thing makes me extremely uncomfortable (as does any public fighting in the real world, as well). I think these kind of things are unnecessary,”too much” and they might be best served being worked out one-on-one.

    P.S. Good post!

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