Viral Video: China, HBO, W+K

Chinese Viral Brand Video
Video sharing sites are one of the most popular destinations for China’s 250M+ Internet users. As a result, brands have caught on to the viral video phenomena and started producing some clever shorts. PSFK friend Adam Schokora has collected 5 of the most popular Chinese viral videos put out by brands lately. The video below is definitely our favorite and was made for a special edition Bruce Lee Nokia phone. The video, made to look like a hidden camera shot, shows the kung-fu master playing ping pong with his nunchucks.

chinese woman

Viral Video: HBO Asks YouTube Users to Promote “Flight of the Conchords”
Here’s HBO’s clever attempt: Use an existing video that’s already popular on Google’s (GOOG) YouTube and try to piggyback off of that. Time Warner’s (TWX) pay cable channel’s “Flight Of The Conchords,” its comedy series about two Kiwi slacker/musicians trying to make it in New York, is already a YouTube sensation. So no need to reinvent the wheel: To promote the new season of the show, the channel is asking the site’s users to lip-synch their own versions of one of the show’s most popular clips.

Viral Video Hits Blur the Authenticity Line
Nike, Activision and other marketers creating unbranded, viral-like videos see the clips as an effective tool to build buzz, even if some viewers object when they find out they’re professionally made. “If you’re not provoking conversation or giving people a reason to forward it, what’s the point?” said Renny Gleeson, global director of digital strategies at Wieden + Kennedy.

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