Snippets: WoW Beijing, Weatherproof Superbowl, Starck Keeps It Real

As the Super Bowl nears, Weatherproof Garment Co. is hoping to use the big game’s hefty advertising price tag — about $3 million for 30 seconds — along with the recession, to draw attention to itself. Weatherproof is proposing to divvy up a single 30-second spot with nine other corporate marketers, with each company paying $300,000 for three seconds of TV time.The small apparel company shelled out about $3,000 to run an ad in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal looking for potential partners after it sent its offer to 100 companies without finding a taker. “Attention deficit growing … Say It Short — Say It Fast!” the ad urges, above a picture of a football.
The LA Times recently let iconic designer Philippe Stark loose on a shopping spree to the thrift store chain Big Lots to find out his take on living elegantly and economically. Once in the store, Stark grabbed a cart and said “We shall see. Give me 20 minutes.”Stark roamed the aisels of the store packed with closeout merchandise on a mission to find items that caught his eye but also reflected his embrace of sensible consumerism by selecting quality over quantity. “You must be very rigorous,” he says, sifting through discounted wares in search of the gems. “Try to find the essence, the most iconic or simple representation of a thing. Look for the bowl that looks most like a bowl. That means we must avoid colors and patterns, and everything that can be trendy.”
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